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Prince William speaks to the press on the day Kate’s second pregnancy is announced, 8th September 2014. 

"She’s doing ok thanks. It’s been a tricky few days - a week or so. But obviously we’re immensely thrilled, it’s great news, early days, but I’m hoping - we just - things settle down, and she feels a bit better. But, it’s important we all focus on the big news and the big international and domestic things that are going on at the moment. So that’s what my thoughts are at the moment and I’m gonna go back and look after her now. Thank you."

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Anonymous asked: Are there any examples of the duchess saying what music she likes?

Sorry for slowness again!

I know she likes the X factor but that’s not really music. I really can’t think of any times she’s mentioned her tastes. Anyone else want to chip in?

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William, Kate and George were out this morning. I’m assuming there’ll be pics at some point because a photographer was there, probably PA.

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Sorry to burst your bubble guys but this is an old post. This was said when they went to the Sensational Butterflies exhibit and took photos for George’s birthday. This is the post from July

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Not sure why this is circulating again, but yep old tweet! :)

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Love is in the Heir as royal couple Kate and Wills kiss & cuddle on pub date

The pair surprised locals when they turned up for a romantic dinner near their new pile at the aptly-named Kings Head Hotel in Great Bircham, Norfolk.

And, according to diners, the loved-up couple “couldn’t keep their hands off each other”.

A source said: “No one could believe it when Wills and Kate just walked in and headed over to the bar.

"Aside from the fact they had four bodyguards with them, they looked like any other young couple in love.

"Kate’s hair was still wet and they were both in jeans.

“All evening, they were holding hands and giggling. Kate kept tousling her hair in a flirty way. Wills couldn’t take his eyes off her for the whole meal. They were really lovey-dovey and they were kissing a lot”

"They had the look of any other parents who had grabbed the opportunity for a night out without the baby.

"William asked for a table in a quieter part of the pub as the main restaurant was packed, so staff sat them in the bar.

"All evening, they were holding hands and giggling. Kate kept tousling her hair in a flirty way. Wills couldn’t take his eyes off her for the whole meal. They were really lovey-dovey and they were kissing a lot."

The pair had a drink at the bar where Wills ordered Kate a white wine spritzer and himself a lime and soda.

An onlooker who was also at the pub on Thursday said the Duke of Cambridge - second in line to the throne - and his wife “gazed into each other’s eyes” at the table.

He said: “They were like any other couple - they spent ages deciding what to have, then both picked the same meal.”

Healthy Wills and Kate, both 32, tucked into a fish dish of grilled fillet of black bream with olives and tomato sauce.

The lovebirds then shared a dessert of vanilla ice cream.

The pub - on the edge of the Sandringham Estate and just a stone’s throw from their new home, Anmer Hall - is the couple’s new local.

Their amorous display has fuelled rumours they are looking to give Prince George, one, a brother or sister.

Speculation has mounted after their recent move to the ten-bedroom country house, given to them by the Queen.

The source added: “A few diners went over and shook their hands as they left. They seemed happy to say hello.”


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His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge is to become a helicopter pilot with East Anglian Air Ambulance.

After completing a mandatory period of training this autumn and winter, The Duke will start work with the Air Ambulance, based at Cambridge and Norwich Airports and flying both day and night shifts, in spring 2015. The Duke will start as a co-pilot but, after a period of training, will be qualified to fly as a helicopter commander.

This job will be the Duke’s primary occupation, but his roster will take into account the duties and responsibilities he will continue to undertake on behalf of The Queen, both in the United Kingdom and overseas. The Duke will also continue his work with his patronages and with the Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

In common with all other East Anglian Air Ambulance pilots, The Duke will be formally employed by Bond Air Services. He will draw a salary which he will donate in full to charity.

The Duke will begin training for his Air Transport Pilot’s Licence (Helicopter) in September, which is estimated to take a minimum of five months to complete. The Duke will continue to undertake engagements on behalf of The Queen and his charitable affiliations during this time.

Training for the ATPL (H) will culminate in 14 examinations and a flight test.

The job will build on The Duke’s operational experience in the Royal Air Force Search and Rescue Force, which His Royal Highness completed in September 2013. During this time he undertook more than 150 search and rescue operations.

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Highest of fives, Wills

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Anonymous asked: What do you think the enduring popularity of Kate and in general the royal family can be put down too? I know she's not long been married into the royal family but wherever she goes she's welcomed enthusiastically and attempts by the media to generate bad press, I.e too many holidays and excessive renovations, have failed to resonate with the public. Do we afford royalty more sympathy and understanding than we do most other peeps? I ask as a Kate fan.



This is a typical answer, but I do think it’s the continuity. Celebrities come and go, but the BRF will continue as an institution. Even though the individual members pass on, there’s always that knowledge that there’ll be new kings and queens, new royal babies, new weddings etc. Obviously they’ve had times when their popularity has been low (eg 1992, 1997), but they do try to move with the times and make themselves relevant. IMO, they don’t need to be completely with the times, and I think keeping the old traditions is really important. You don’t go to Buckingham Palace to see where the Google hangout took place, you go to see the history. (Side note: this is why I don’t buy into ‘Harry should be king’)

As for Kate, I think people like her because she’s is what you’d expect a princess to be. I was lucky enough to be in London for the wedding, and I remember when she drove past in the car, and thinking ‘THAT’S a princess’. There was just something very regal about her and it was exciting to witness that moment in history. The good thing about the royals is they rarely respond to criticism or rumours. I think the fact that Kate just carries on from one engagement to the next is part of why she’s described as ‘elegant’ etc quite often. When stories have come out (topless pics, renovation criticism), you don’t see any sign of it on her face. I think she knows that this is what it will be like until the day she dies and so just deals with it. 

Re. the press, they do seem to try to whip up a frenzy about the cost of the Cambridges. Honestly, some of the time I think they do it to wind up the PR people. We all know that they don’t comment on personal stuff, and that the royal press pack hates that. There have been times that I wonder if they are just forcing them to make a comment.

But the press know that Kate is their golden ticket. They know that putting her on the front page will sell. I don’t think they can afford to push a negative image of her to hard because it will be really bad for their sales. That may change someday, like how Andrew doesn’t make the front pages for anything good.

I’m sure many members of the public are annoyed about the renovation/Norfolk move, but I can tell you as a Brit (I don’t know where you’re from so sorry if you are too), those stories don’t dominate the news. I know it seems like they do because they’re at the top of the Daily Mail site, but they don’t. I have never seen anything about that on TV/radio, and I would bet that the majority of the British public have never even heard about it. 

As for your actual question(!), I think we are generally more critical of the BRF because we can be. I don’t think we afford them more sympathy or understanding, I think we afford them less. But I think that’s because we know they’ll always be there. We feel like we have the right to critisise them because we pay something towards them. 

It’s important to remember (& I always remind myself of this!) that if we look at 100% of royal news/tweets etc, then a normal member of the public probably sees 10%. The press and royal PR is a game, from what they put out, to what they don’t, what they complain about etc. I think once people see nice pictures and the pomp and pageantry, they forget about some holiday WK went on in 2012.

To add to your comments - seeing them both in Canberra I noticed the same thing about Kate - she was businesslike while still being warm and was oh-so-elegant and regal. William too, but I really think she shone more. She just has a spark that he maybe lacks - whether it’s her trying just that bit harder because she feels she has more to prove…? (Not my opinion on her, just speculating…)

It was also written that during their SE Asia tour when the topless pics surfaced, how composed Kate was the next day, giving nothing away and acting as though nothing had happened. William on the other hand (and rightly so) was visibly seething. This would have had to endear them to many I think.

I agree, I definitely thinks she tries harder than William (because it comes more naturally to him).

There is a video of them walking past the press and onto a plane the day after the topless pics, Kate is smiling and Wills does nothing to hide his anger.

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allthingscatherineandmary asked: NICE THOUGHTS CHALLENGE. Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favourite followers. :)

Ok I really had to think about this!

1) I’m quite good at sewing and make presents and cards
2) I think I have good intuition
3) I like my hair
4) I’m nice most of the time
5) I’m quite good at mediating between people

Thanks for thinking of me :)