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Anonymous asked: Thanks for your response. I saw journos complaining about W&Ks 'inconsistency'. Tbh I find it rather silly when journalists defend the paparazzi. This isn't a matter of press freedom. Tanna is certainly no journalist and they do their trade no good by equating baby monitoring with journalism. I hope they can get a restraining order for george against him and that by proxy it extends to W&K.

I think they probably work together pretty closely, giving each other tips etc. I don’t think any parent, including the paps involved would be ok with people taking pics of their children in a park. It doesn’t matter how far away they are, when you really think about it, it is very very creepy.

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Anonymous asked: Hi! I'm glad W&K went after Niraj Tanna. The guys such a cretin. I love how he responded with indignation at the suggestion he was monitoring and surveilling George as if he finds such practises abhorent when in fact thats been his game for years. What are your thoughts? Also what are your thoughts on the touted trip to New York? I know its not confirmed but I have a feeling this will happen and Im not in favour lol I personally feel we need some domestic engagements of substance here in the UK.


I am glad they are putting their foot down for George’s sake. There’s been a lot of chat over twitter the last couple of days about the new pics and ‘inconsistency’. But it seems they’re damned if they do complain and damned if they don’t complain.

He admitted himself that he’s been following them for 10 years, so I’m not sure why some people are so surprised that they’ve gone after him and not other paps. They obviously want him away from them and George (and that also includes Harry judging by the statement that was put out).

The fact is if you are waiting outside BP because you read that George goes swimming there, or getting ‘tips’ from places, or using social media to find them - and then going to find them physically - you are monitoring and pursuing them. 

I believe they’ve been waiting for him to cross the line, and now he has (in their view), they’ve been able to take action. 

A lot of the George pics and these new doctor pics have no credit on them. I think Tanna is the first person to crack down on people posting his photos, but we heard nothing. It says something that it’s taken until now for him to openly admit that he took those photos. 


As for NYC, I don’t see it happening personally. I’d be happy and surprised if it did, but it all just seems a bit of a pipe dream from American media. 

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Anonymous asked: where are the pics yoou were talking about in this tweet: I won't lie and say I don't look at those pictures but good on Will and Kate for not letting it continue. ?

I was talking about all the pap pictures of George in parks that have come out recently. I don’t have the links but you can probably find them on loads of Cambridge blogs on tumblr. Just go to the most active ones :)

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Anonymous asked: what is the william's quote in Oz about having twins you were talking about on Twitter? thanks :)

A woman had twins and he was asking about them and said ‘if we ever have twins I’ll come to you for advice’

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All the quotes below are from Bella Magazine (6 May 2014, Issue 19) interview with Sebastian van der Zwan (Ass. editor for Women’s Day NZ), who was on tour with the Cambridges

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Wine expert Kate Barnett told how Kate joked at a tasting event in Queenstown that she might ‘try to sneakily raid the Queen’s cellar as there’s a bit of old New Zealand wine down there!’
Bella Magazine

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