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Anonymous asked: Kate did not go from a regular office job to being a royal , sorry I love Kate and think she is passionate and has worked pre marriage but she also was a socialite , so were her friends , you cant compare her to the regular "9-5" class of people , she worked for her parents , i believe she worked but nothing to the extent of a ordinary jib where bosses breath down her neck , she set her schedule and regulated her hrs.

Yep I agree with you on that part. Obviously she was used to the cameras to an extent too. What I meant was that working in an office (whether it’s for your parents or not, and however many hours she did) is very different from what she does now. 

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Anonymous asked: Do you think kate relishes her public role? By that I mean do you reckon she enjoys her engagements and charity work or is she simply just doing what is expected of her?

I think that a first she was just going with the flow and as she put it just trying to support William. I don’t think she was necessarily dispassionate about the work, but it was a huge change. She was basically working in an office and then became a public figure overnight. For example, if cameras were to follow me at work, they’d find me with my feet up on the dashboard of my car right now. That would be a massive change. I think she came across nervous about saying the wrong thing or stepping in the wrong place.

Since she chose her patronages, I think that has really changed. Those were her choices and you can see that in engagements like hospices and the art room. I can’t say whether or not she enjoys the process of being filmed and photographed on engagements but I do believe that she’s got a passion for the causes and really wants to help. From all the quotes I’ve read, she always does her homework and shows genuine interest. Speaking from experience, the more I’m interested in something at work, the more reading I do on it.

I see George as a real turning point. There’s more of an authoritative air about her and as much as I love WK engagements, I think her solo ones really give her a chance to shine. So I am looking forward to Malta.

That was an unnecessarily long answer but to sum up, I don’t think anyone will ever know if she’s really enjoying it, but if she’s not, she certainly gives the impression she is, and that’s the important thing when royalty meets the public.

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royalkatedebate asked: Hi, could you please credit me for using my screenshot? I'd appreciate it, thanks :)


Done and done. Sorry about that, in the rush of switching from different sites and constantly refreshing the browser eagerly awaiting more pictures to pop up, more tidbits of information on our girl Kate, I overlooked the very important task of crediting your photo. Thank you for being so kind in letting me know, for it truly was an honest mistake. The last thing I would want to do is upset someone who’s work I admire. I use my tumblr page solely as a way to save all the Kate pics that I come across; I don’t create much, just reblog, and I would never try to intentionally take credit for something that is not mine. I saw your picture on twitter which is why I posted it to tumblr, if I had come across it on your Tumlbr page first I certainly would have reblogged it, not re-posted (I think I got the terminology right). To tell the truth I am not all that up on proper social media etiquette and so I’m learning by trial and error…this being a big ‘error’ this time! Again, so sorry and thanks for letting me know to correct the post! Have a great day! :) 

Thanks very much, have a great day too :)

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Anonymous asked: Hi. Something is bugging me...I have been looking over photos of Kate in that Jonathan Saunders dress. Last time she wore it was on the Asia tour and she wore it with white or cream shoes that look like her sledges. But they also look like the shoes she wore to Prince George's christening which I read were Russell & Bromley. Are they actually the same shoe (and if so, which one?) or does she have two similar pairs from different brands?

Once again, I’m really sorry for not answering this sooner! I didn’t see it until just now. 

Unfortunately my expertise of Kate’s fashion only extends to ‘that’s the dress she wore in the soloman islands when her and Wills were giggling in church’, so I will refer you to wwkdofficial who will know the answer if any one does!

Sorry again! 

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Anonymous asked: Do you know if Kate is attending the Duchess of Cambridge Stakes? I figured if anyone knew, you would!

Ah thanks. I haven’t seen anything to suggest she’s going, but she may surprise us!